We want to take our success a step further. Not only use it to help ourselves or improve the services for our customers, but also to give back to the community. Because doing good, also truly feels good.

We use our knowledge,
creativity and network
to bring a bit of Magis
to people who need
a helping hand.
This results in

Magis Foundation

The story

Magis Real Estate strives for a better society by offering quality housing to those in need by actively establishing partnerships with socially-driven organizations. What Magis Foundation and our partners have in common? The motivation to, without direct commercial interests, work for people who genuinely need help.

The Magis Foundation offers support by deploying its knowledge, network and experience. It makes it possible for aid institutions and their partners to realize their plans and thus to purchase or rent real estate and/or to develop and make it available to specific target groups.


Magis Foundation has become a partner of the Sports for Children Foundation. Through this partnership, Sports for Children has guaranteed housing for the coming year. This means that the Sports for Children volunteers can focus on what they are good at: drawing attention to the importance of sports and exercise and helping schools with budget shortages with sports and games. One of the points of attention is the great poverty in schools abroad. This gives children the opportunity to take gym classes and who knows, even make a sports dream come true.

During the partnership, Magis Foundation will donate the equivalent of the costs to enable 30,000 children worldwide to exercise and play.

Our people

Please allow us to introduce the people behind Magis Foundation.

Partners & friends

Together with our partners we are committed to serving society. We join forces and efficiently make use of our knowledge, energy, and network to bring a bit of Magis to people who need a helping hand.

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